Vulnerability Assessments

These days, regular Vulnerability Assessments are a cost of doing business. If you don't know where your vulnerabilities are and how to fix them, you can be certain that sooner or later (and evidence would suggest sooner), a malicious user will point them out for you.

Even so, that is still no reason to pay a king's ransom for this service. For some reason, the big "do everything" consultancies and the tiny security boutiques think nothing of charging you $200 to $300 an hour for these engagements. At Pervasive, we think that is just as malicious as the hackers we're trying to protect you from.

Vulnerability assessments aren't magic. They aren't even art. Our certified security engineers, using industry-leading tools, and following a tried and true process, will systematically evaluate your network against literally thousands of possible vulnerabilities - both external and internal. The results are categorized, gaps analyzed and remedies mapped - all in just a few hours.

At the end, we deliver to you a report which highlights your most critical issues and our recommended action plan for remediation. You also receive a CD documenting even the smallest, most trivial vulnerability. And, upon request, we will conduct a group presentation/training session to discuss the results and educate your team on how to prevent the vulnerabilities from occuring again.

Like we said, tried and true. Not rocket science - just high value, low cost services provided with a smile. Contact us today and let us help you quickly and inexpensively evaluate your degree of risk.

I trust them. They don't benefit financially from the advice they give, so I know the best interests of my company are upheld. They also don't hold me hostage to a contract so they need to earn my business every month. LB