Managed Firewalls & Perimiter Monitoring Services

Do you have difficulty keeping up with the onslaught of security updates and patches that need to be applied to your security appliances?

Do you lack the time or the expertise to regularly monitor your appliances for signs of malicious activity?

Maybe you have both of these under control, but find it difficult to be available 24x7x365.

These are the reasons our clients trust Pervasive Solutions to provide managed firewall services.  Our team of certified, decorated security professionals is on the job every second of every day, monitoring your security perimeter and actively defending you against malicious activity. 

Managed Firewall Program Details

As a Managed Firewall Service client, the Pervasive Solutions security team provides you with the following set of services:

  • 24x7 Firewall Administration.  This includes implementing configuration changes and updates to your appliances, port changes, VPN changes, etc.
  • 24x7 Threat Monitoring.  This includes full-time monitoring of your firewalls, IDS/IPS appliances and other security devices to identify any potential threats.
  • Threat Resolution.  Once a threat is identified and reported, the Pervasive Solutions team will immediately enact countermeasures to prevent those threats from breaching your defenses.
  • Regular Backups.  Pervasive Solutions regularly, and before any administrative change, creates a full backup of each device.
  • Knowledge Transfer.  Our security engineers will spend time with your staff to explain to them what changes have been made and why.

By subscribing to Pervasive Solutions’ Managed Firewall Service, you increase your security posture and leverage the collective expertise of the entire Pervasive Solutions security team for just a few dollars per day.  You probably spend more on lunch.

Managed Firewall Service Costs

Our goal is to help the small and medium-size business.  We understand the realities of these businesses – that cash is king and is sometimes tough to come by.  That’s why we have gone to significant efforts to make our Managed Firewall Service so affordable.

While the exact pricing is dependant upon the size and complexity of the environment, it’s safe to say that for a nominal set-up fee and a few dollars per day, you can rest easy knowing that Pervasive Solutions is managing and monitoring your security perimeter. 

Contact us today for an exact quote.  We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

I had my own IT person in-house who I paid very well. My initial interest in going with Pervasive was the money I would save. I did not think it was possible, but they actually have significantly improved my service levels. TI