IT – Your Strategic Advantage

Experience, Experience, Experience

So you and your fellow executives have decided on your key goals and objectives for the coming year.  But the "IT guy" that you’ve hired doesn’t have the background and experience to translate those goals into an IT roadmap that will give the business the technology support it needs to achieve your goals. 

Does this sound familiar?  If it does, you’re not alone.  Many medium-sized businesses have this same problem.  Your business has grown in size and complexity, but your IT team lacks the experience and business acumen to think strategically.

You could hire a CIO.  And maybe you will.  Eventually.  But right now, the idea of another mid-six-figure salary for an executive that you probably only really require a few hours per week doesn’t feel like the best use of your resources.

Consider a "Virtual" CIO

Pervasive Solutions’ IT Strategy Consulting provides companies like yours with extremely experienced technology executives who have solved the same problems that you are now struggling with.  Our IT Strategy Consultants have been CIO’s and VP’s for healthcare, financial services and manufacturing organizations and have joined us so that their skills and experience could be leveraged across multiple organizations. 

As an example, here is a profile of one of our IT Strategy Consultants:

Name:  Mike
Industry Focus:  Healthcare
Years of Industry Experience: 25
Before Joining Pervasive:  CIO of multi-facility healthcare provider serving over 7,500 employees
Key Accomplishments: Developed enterprise-wide strategic plan; implemented ERP, Order Entry, Handheld Clinical Access, Clinical Portal systems; oversaw HIPAA compliance for $600M organization; Consolidated four data centers to one; Implemented integrated voice network for 9,000 lines; Established a PMO; etc.

If you are a small or medium-sized healthcare organization, think of the tremendous value someone like Mike could bring to your organization, even on a part-time basis, by working with your executive team to understand your unique challenges and objectives, map out an achievable strategic plan, and provide leadership to your IT staff to accomplish that plan. 

Leverage Our Size

And by working with a Pervasive Solutions’ IT Strategy Consultant, you not only gain the benefits of their significant expertise – you reap the benefits of the entire Pervasive team.  As "Mike" is working for you, he is also keenly aware of the expertise offered by our other IT Strategy Consultants and can leverage that expertise, at no additional cost to you, with a simple conversation across the hall.  Now, you not only harness the power of working with Mike, you get the entire IT Strategy Consulting team!

In his best selling book, ‘Good to Great’, author Jim Collins describes the criticality for any organization who desires to achieve greatness to get the right people on the bus and in the right seats.  Take a look at your management team.  Is their an empty seat where a great CIO would sit?

Contact us today to discuss how an IT Strategy Consultant could help you solve your problems and achieve your goals!

They continuously perform at an extremely high level. They have incredible expertise, there are very responsive, and I trust them to do what is best for me and my company - and my results prove it. PBJ