Healthcare Security

You have just brought online a new EMR solution and deployed it across your provider network. You have trained your physicians and their offices on its use. And now, not only are all records stored in your enterprise database platform, but your physicians can effectively communicate electronically with specialists, labs and even patients.


But is all that Protected Health Information (PHI) secure? It probably meets HIPAA standards, but will it stand up to the tougher Breach Notification Acts that are being passed every day in state capitols? Are you truly safeguarding your patients' privacy or has this system just made you more vulnerable to malicious activity?

Security is no longer a nice-to-have in the healthcare industry. If you were to be breached and PHI was stolen, do you know what the cost to your organization would be? As a rule of thumb, for every 1,000 consumers that you maintain records for, a breach of their PHI could cost you between $500,000 and $1.5 million in notification costs, credit monitoring for breached consumers, fines and penalties, lost consumer confidence and remediation.

How can you protect your healthcare organization?

The risks are just too great. You can no longer afford to overlook security as one of those things that you will 'someday' get around to. But what do you do? How can you protect your healthcare organization without wreaking havoc to your annual budget?

Healthcare Security Risk Assessment

The first step in securing your data, systems and communications is to first analyze where your vulnerabilities are. A Security Risk Assessment from Pervasive Solutions analyzes all aspects of your security posture and identifies the your areas of exposure. We evaluate your infrastructure, existing security technologies, policies and procedures, employee training programs and the staff's adherence to that training. Then we simulate malicious activity in the forms of hackers and social engineers to evaluate how your defenses will hold up against these two very different forms of attack.

The findings and recommendations that come out of the Healthcare Security Risk Assessment are delivered to you in a professional, easy to read report. We also conduct one or more group discussions where we meet with your leadership team to review the results and discuss how best to implement our recommendations.

Learn more about our Security Risk Assessment programs.

Healthcare Security Desk

For some of our clients, their IT organizations simply lack the time and/or expertise to effectively implement and manage an adequate security program. These clients have asked us to become their security partner and outsource their information security office. From firewall and perimeter monitoring to establishing security best practices and training their staff, our team becomes an extension of their organization.

Would outsourcing your security office enhance your security? That depends - security outsourcing isn't the right fit for every organization, Try answering these questions:

  • Do you have dedicated resources who live and breath security?
  • Is your staff up to date on the latest changes to HIPAA or the most recent Breach Notification Acts that apply to you?
  • Is your IT organization well-versed in the strategies used by criminals to penetrate your defenses?
  • Are your security policies and procedures documented and easily available to your staff?
  • Have you implemented a periodic security training and awareness program?

If you answered, "No" to at least two of these questions, you are likely a strong candidate for our Healthcare Security Desk. Learn more about our Outsourced Security service.

Why Pervasive Solutions

Our medical and healthcare experience is extraordinary. Our management team includes an ex-CIO of a 7,500 employee healthcare organization and an ex-VP of Information Technology from one of the largest hospitals in the state of New York.

In addition, our client list includes over 40 healthcare organizations from every time zone in the United States. We work with hospitals, private practices, specialists, labs and even some HMO's. Take a look below at what our clients say about us:

"Pervasive has been outstanding in their performance, attitude, and willingness to respond to what I need and when I need them.  They have gone beyond my expectations which have been formed by working with other firms."
- Mitch Rozonkiewiecz, CIO, Community General Hospital, Syracuse, NY


"Our experience with them has been excellent.  They have provided high-quality people at a reasonable price. I would absolutely recommend them from the perspective they have good skills and will be honest about what they can and can’t do."
Rick Haverty, Director, University of Rochester Medical Center


"We chose Pervasive Solutions to provide HIPAA compliant encryption services for all our confidential e-mail communications because of their affordable, easy to use solution."
- John Schrenker, Chief Information Officer, Lakeside Hospital, Brockport, NY


"Obtaining spamARMOR from Pervasive Solutions has been great!  Not only has it stopped the spam messages, it has afforded time previously spent on trying to maintain internal spam filters to be focused elsewhere for our organization's growth."
- Margi Roach, Information Systems Coordinator, South Dayton Acute Care Consultants, Inc., Dayton, Ohio

We understand healthcare. Contact us today to discuss your security concerns.

I am grateful for the relationship I have with the team at Pervasive. When I call, I know them and, more importantly, they know me. They come up with ideas that help my business before I even get a chance to ask! TB