Government & Not-for-Profit Organizations

Your resources are scarce, budgets so thin that you can barely accomplish your charter. How can you possibly spend time and resources on security? But at the same time, you know that GLBA, the National ID Theft Law, state Breach Notification Acts and a variety of other new laws and regulations require you to meet ever more demanding standards for security and compliance.

We can help. We regularly work with county, city and town governments and national not-for-profit organizations to help you do more with less. Our team of security experts are well-versed in the unique challenges you face and can help you determine what must be done now, what can wait until next year and what would simply be overkill. Because we are strictly service providers - and are therefore entirely vendor neutral - you won't find us recommending a six-figure piece of equipment when a simple change to your policies and a little training can meet the same need.

Pervasive Solutions is the security watchdog for many organizations just like yours. We can help you to:

Consider what your colleagues are saying about their work with Pervasive Solutions:

"Pervasive provided Ontario County with a very comprehensive security
assessment. The assessment was detailed, accurate and performed in a
very timely manner. Pervasive performed an outstanding cost effective
service for Ontario County."
- Ed Hemminger, CIO, Ontario County, NY


"Pervasive Solutions was able to work through from an idea and implement a training strategy for our employees. Their knowledge of security and the laws associated, and staff expertise in designing an instructive tool were exactly what Seneca County needed."
- Peg Birmingham, IT Director, Seneca County, NY


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I had my own IT person in-house who I paid very well. My initial interest in going with Pervasive was the money I would save. I did not think it was possible, but they actually have significantly improved my service levels. TI