Business Impact Analysis

Just for a moment, close your eyes (figuratively, of course – reading would be difficult otherwise).  Consider each of your critical business systems.  For each system, can you answer the following questions:

  1. What is the likelihood that this system could fail or be compromised?
  2. How long could my business continue to operate while that system is down?
  3. What would be the opportunity cost of that downtime?
  4. What would be the real costs associated with bringing that system back?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, we would suggest that you are not prepared to make sound investment decisions regarding security and business continuity planning. 

With a Business Impact Analysis from Pervasive Solutions, you receive those answers and more.  Our standard Business Impact Analysis follows the process outlined below: 

  • Discovery.  We begin by working with your management team to identify the systems that are most critical to your business. We perform a thorough analysis of these systems from a business continuity and security standpoint, identifying all risk points, their severity and their likelihood.
  • Analysis.  Then we analyze each potential event to document the impact of that event on the business, its clients and stakeholders. For each event, we identify the impact to the business as a function of the duration that the system is unavailable.
  • Dollarize.  Finally, we translate the results of the Analysis into hard dollar costs to determine the real impact to the business.

With the results of the Business Impact Analysis in hand, you are prepared to decide whether to invest in that extra layer of redundancy or whether your resources are better spent elsewhere.

Contact us today for a free discussion of how a Pervasive Solutions Business Impact Analysis will improve your decision making.  We look forward to serving you.

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