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For many of our customers, a bad IT month – one where you needed an unusual amount of support – can be really painful, not to mention create an unplanned spike in your expenses. With our service, you pay a flat monthly fee based on the size and complexity of your technology environment. For the same amount every month, we perform routine maintenance services, patch management, helpdesk support, and 24 x 7 monitoring with a team of engineers behind it to address all of your system support needs. Some months you will require more support than others, but with our model, you effectively spread out all of the costs that may pile up in any given month over the life of your relationship with us.

Some support organizations only make money when you are broken and they are called upon to fix you. Pain and payment are episodic, disruptive and are responded to in a reactive mode. With our model, you pay us a fixed monthly fee regardless of whether you need us for 6 hours of support or 20 hours. Now, our motivations are aligned in that we (just like you) cannot afford to wait until something breaks – that is very expensive to both of us. Our relationship is best served when we invest upfront in proactive maintenance activities on a continuous basis – not on a reactive “after the fact” episodic basis.

Benefits to You

  • Predictable support costs
  • We both benefit from preventing unplanned interruptions from happening in the first place
  • We both are incented to do what is best for your business – we both “Win” when you are up and running, and when you are not, it impacts us financially as well.
  • You do not need to be preoccupied with how many hours you are using us for, or expect your people to work on it for awhile before they call us in order to save money
  • You do not have to sit on issues trying to fix them yourself – call us early and often – it does not cost you any more.


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